Zugu Case

Zugu Case


ZUGU was born in 2010 when founder Tim Angel was looking at iPad cases and realized he was going to be faced with the same frustration he always had trying to prop up his iPhone. He knew a bigger screen meant a bigger problem and decided to do something about it.

As a young 25-year-old self-proclaimed inventor & entrepreneur looking to prove himself, he decided he would do whatever it took to create the most innovative adjustable iPad case with stand in the world. Since that day, he has been driven by the goal of creating a protective iPad case that strikes the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.

Despite his confidence in the design and functionality of his new iPad case, he still couldn’t find an investor to fund his idea. Taking matters into his own hands, he sold everything he owned—his TV, dirt bike, bed, speakers, etc.. He was able to pull together $6,000 from this, and on March 16, 2010, he bought a plane ticket to China for two months to source a manufacturer for his new rugged iPad case.

Soon after all of this had happened, Tim’s best friend’s dad quickly noticed his passion, commitment, and dedication. He decided to invest and wrote a $70k check on a handshake and ZUGU was born.

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