What is MFI and WHY does it matter?

MFI? If you're unfamiliar with the term as I was, I'm glad you're reading this. But, the most important question is, why does MFI matter? Well, lets get to it.

Consider MFI as Apple's standard of excellence if you will. Apple MFi certification is a license shown that Apple has authorized accessory manufacturers to mark the MFi logo on their products. MFi is the abbreviation of "Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, and Made for iPad". Apple allows manufacturers to print the MFi logo on the product packages. This works in a few ways; 1) a trust badge if you will for consumers to see MFI on brands whom are lesser known. 2) for these lesser known brands to be recognized as a premium company or premium manufacturer of Apple products. 3) It allows the consumer to quickly reference what the particular product is used for. ie. iPhone charger, iPod charger, iPad cable or all three.


Whats great about this license & How does it work? 

In the end, people get reliable products guaranteed by Apple. And, the manufacturers get to proudly hold a MFi license. Each Lightning connector on an MFI-certified cable or other device has a tiny authentication chip, so your device knows it's an MFi-certified accessory (cool right?) 
Getting MFI license is no easy task, and yes there are those individuals out there who are counterfeiting MFI licenses, crazy right? Listed below are the steps to getting the beautiful recognition of MFI.

  • Submit a product plan include our clients brand information, EAN number, SKU.
  • Apple will review the product plan
  • After Apple’s approval
  • Send samples to the Apple authorized Lab.
  • Pay the licensing fee to Apple
  • Submit the packaging design to Apple for review.
  • Apple will review the packaging design to see if it meets their requirement (Apple have very strict rules on packaging, design and quality)
  • After apple’s approval of packaging, then the manufacturing beings.
  • The totally process may take about 15–55 days to be completed.

    So to end it all, if you're buying Apple products, please ensure its MFI. This little badge could mean the difference in keeping your Apple device battery healthy, or frying the battery the first time you charge it.