Feels Like Freedom, With Freedy

First off, who is Freedy?

Well, for simplicity's sake. Freedy, is a developer and manufacturer who has pioneered wireless technology for more than 30 years. They are one of the few companies that actually guarantee quality products. How you ask? It's simple.. Freedy achieves this guarantee by doing all design, development, and manufacturing work in house! Similar processes to Swiss horology manufacturers like; Audemars Piguet & the popular Rolex (completely different industries, but you get the point..) Freedy components are tested, tested again, and manufactured in South Korea.

The wireless charging stations with Freedy are just amazing. To clarify, we are not speaking about the heap of nameless (for legality reasons) chargers off Amazon. There are the 'heap of nameless' and then, there is Freedy.

Lets talk about the Dual Wireless Charger Pad (they're working on the name) also refereed to as  'EA1202 '. It dual charges any QI enabled device, we could name a huge list of such devices, but that would just be boring. So, for all the millennials' & Gen Zs' reading, the 'EA1202' can charge up to two pairs (thats 4) Apple Air-pods at once! And, don't worry about over charging or anything of that matter. All Freedy chargers come with tested and tried 1) Surge Protection 2) Foreign Object Detection 3) Temp control sensors.

Unfortunately, the EA1202 only comes in black! (wtf, right?) We would have loved to see this model in a navy blue or camo fatigue.

The interface is simple to use and elegant. The design fits any kitchen counter or office desk. This is exactly what we expect when it comes to Freedy. A uniquely designed & extensively R&D'd product that makes your mobile life more convenient and easier. It's literally freedom, with Freedy.

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